lawn boy mower review

Lawn Boy Mower Review – Your Guide

As you read further across this lawn boy mower review you are sure to learn some really amazing functions about this very useful lawn mower. More to that, the lawn boy mower review shall also lead you to some very interesting studies such as how this lawn mower contributes to the overall health of the lawn. Be ready for your mind to get blown off!

Lawn boy mower review

lawn boy mower review


Product brand: Lawn Boy (The Toro Company)

Color: green, black

Material: alloy steel

Power source: gas-powered

Weight: 55 pounds

Cutting width: 20 inches

Other dimensions: push lawn mower


As you read ahead in the lawn boy mower review, you shall be amazed into knowing how this lawn mower which happens to be very much budget-friendly and works on the very basic gas-powered operating function has proved itself to be a very efficient and reliable lawn mower and over the years has gradually become a very preferred choice of the domestic users. Indeed, this lawn mower has always been providing quality results and has shown great craftsmanship which has turned this lawn mower into a backyard icon.


This gas-powered lawn mower comes having very smart and easy-to-use features along with a lightweight body to it that makes it very easy to maneuver by the user. Having the advantage of the high wheel push power, it makes this lawn mower very much ideal for being able to be operated across rough and uneven terrain. This gets possible through its eight inches of sturdy and thick wheels along with the eleven inches of extra-large rear wheels that make it very easy for this lawn mower to move across through different quality of areas. Having the support of its twenty inches of dome and a smaller profile, you shall easily be able to mow across the hard-to-reach places as well. 


Having been provided with the Briggs & Stratton engine, it gives the lawn mower 5.5 gross torque over its head valve engine. With this support, it supplies a lot of power to cut through the tough patches of grass as well. The durable steel deck of this lawn mower cuts across twenty inches of width in the grass and between one to four inches of height that you shall very easily be able to adjust in accordance with your requirement. This lawn mower also has a deep dome deck design with the facility of tri cut blade that gives you the finer grass clippings and leads to a superior level of mulching so that the health of your lawn is maintained. Having the weight of only 55 pounds, indeed it is very easier to operate this lawn mower. 


  • User friendly
  • Tri-cut blade facility
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes pushing this lawn mower may be a little difficult

What’s New?

There are a great many updated features in this lawn mower. The first is it lightweight, which is only 55 pounds. This makes it very easy and comfortable for the user to mow along with the law. Being gas-powered and supported by the high-push gross torque of the engine, this lawn mower very easily cuts across the difficult patches of the lawn with a greater amount of force and provides you with the best outcome possible for your lawn. With the help of its 11 inches of rear wheels too, you shall easily be able to glide this lawn mower across the rough or the uneven areas of your lawn. The support of the four inches of deep dome deck is incredible. This has been designed in a way that helps to increase the performance of yours while you are mulching the lawn. The mulching system of this lawn mower is so much advanced that, it minces the clippings of the grass into finer particles and returns them back to your lawn so that it helps to provide nourishment to the health of the lawn. If you wish to collect your grass and leaf clippings you have the choice of doing that as well. It can be done by easily attaching the grass bag to it. 

Why should you buy it?

This lawn mower is very much reasonably priced and provides absolute value for money. More to that, the lawn mower has a three-year warranty to true-start. The company commits to you that you shall be able to make this lawn mower start in one or two pulls for three complete years, failing which they should fix it for you for free. More to that the company also gives you a two-year no worry warranty period. It fully covers starting, power, and parts of this lawn mower. Been provided with the Briggs &Stratton gas-powered high wheel push lawn mower engine, it is sure to deliver you the best of results with a minimum amount of effort applied from your end. To make it a trouble-free operation for you, they have provided the lawn mower with very sturdy eight inches thick front wheels along with eleven inches thick extra-large rear wheels. This is for sure shall move and operate this small-bodied lawn mower very easily and the twenty inches of its dome helps you to mow across the hard-to-reach places as well. Do you wish to give your lawn a clean quality of cut? You can surely make that happen as well. With the support of its multi-notched blades, you shall exactly get the quality you desire for your lawn. 


1. Do you need a mixture of fuel or is it only gas for this lawn mower?

This lawn mower works through gas only.

2. How to put oil inside the mower?

If you look at the opposite side of the engine from the gas tank, you shall be able to locate the oil fill. All you have to do is simply to remove the cover/dipstick off it and add the oil in there.