snapper lawn mower review

Snapper Lawn Mower Review – The In-depth Study

Do you know that the snapper lawn mower review discusses how this lawn mower has the power to run up to 90 minutes on a single charge? The review has also discussed many of its updated features that you can follow.

Snapper lawn mower review


Product brand: Snapper

Color: red and black

Material: alloy steel

Power source: 

Weight: 90 pounds

Cutting width: 21 inches

Other dimensions: battery and charger included


This snapper lawn mower review shall give you a clear insight into how this lawn mower has been one of the most favorite choices of the users. This Snapper XD 82V MAX has come out with a very advanced and compatible push lawn mower having the body made of steel alloy and operates with the help of batteries. This 21-inches cordless walk lawn mower has been assisted by the powerful 82V lithium-ion batteries provided by the Briggs and Stratton that is very much compatible with providing you having a run time of up to 90 minutes before being put to charge. These batteries have not only been the durable but also the reliable source and a great power tool delivering the best performance to the user. 


The greater degrees of specifications that this lawn mower brings with it for its users such as the powerful lithium-ion batteries is surely the industry’s one of the first. It has a very durable and solid body that has been made using the aluminum and steel alloy making it a long-lasting one under difficult conditions as well. The steel deck provides the user into having the 21 inches width of sharp and smooth cut of grass and helping him to maintain a perfectly shaped mowed lawn. 


This lawn mower comes having a great application that surely makes it very easy to start as well as provides with a greater and a longer run time. This simple and noiseless walk behind lawn mower is very much easier to operate. In addition to this, this lawn mower offers the user with the single lever adjustment process of height management. It offers 7 different types of heights. The 21 inches of steel mowing deck has been made having a user-friendly technology. Having it’s three in one design, it supports the lawn mower into providing for the greater rate of assistance for the user and also at the same time having the different levels of cuts for the grass such as the mulching. Furthermore, it also provides the assistance with the bag or even to side discharging the clippings of the grass with ease and flexibility as well. You are sure to get many more details in this snapper lawn mower review and it is certain that by the time you reach to the end of reading this review, you shall have developed a clear perspective of the usefulness of this lawn mower and how much advanced this model of the lawn mower has been made. 


  • Up to 90 minutes of battery runtime
  • 21 inches of the steel mowing deck
  • Push-button start


  • The handle bolt was found missing after a purchase

What’s New?

Being stated as one of the most advanced series of lawn mowers, this has been provided with having the applications of the intelligent load-sensing technology that helps the user to keep a check on the power of the lawn mower while it is performing the operations. This technology also guides the user to have the optimum levels of power so that it enables the lawn mower to give maximum efficiency in getting the job of lawn mowing done much more quickly and smoothly. The easy to assemble features make it very stress-free for the user into setting this lawn mower ready to perform the task. This lawn mower has also a very light weight having the easy directions to its maneuverability. The single lever mode of this lawn mower makes it have the push-button start to operate. The seven different positions in the height of cut adjustments makes it stand apart amongst many other lawn mowers. It has the rear wheel size of 10 inches that smoothly glides the lawn mower of the grass and even across the edges and the difficult cutting areas while giving you a finer outcome of the lawn mowing.

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking forward to having a lawn mower that is very effective and has been reasonably priced then, surely this is one such lawn mower to look forward to. It provides you with multiple of facilities that make the task of mowing the lawn much easier. It indeed does offer value for money. As this lawn mower cuts the grass, the large 1.7 gallons of bush bagger keeps collecting the clipping and saving your lawn from turning into a mess. The 7 positions of its cut adjustment height is absolutely ideal for the height of the lawn and this does contribute into completing the task of mowing the lawn much more easily and quickly. This lawn mower is sure to provide you with a performance that is powerful, dependable, and advanced, each time you use it. The maximum level of initial battery voltage that it provides without the workload happens to be 82 volts. When you buy this lawn mower, it shall include a kit of 22.0 batteries along with a rapid charger.


1. Does the battery get overcharged if kept on the charger for a week?

Ideally, it is never advisable to do so. But if someone has kept it by mistake then be sure that the batteries shall not get overcharged. These are smart chargers that come along with the mower that automatically stops charging once the batteries get full.

2. Is it possible to mow the lawn without having the bag?

With this lawn mower it is surely possible to do so. But you must also remember to note that while doing so the mulch plug is installed and also you must put down the side discharge cover.