best lawn mower under 300

Best Lawn Mower Under 300 Are Found Online

When you have a pretty lawn, it always takes a lot of work and precision to maintain it. We usually don’t have enough time to do it hence, we are always trying to look for sustainable and minimal options. You can always opt for the best lawn mower under 300 for a clean-cut lawn.



Earthwise Lawn Mower

  • Hand-push reel mower

  • Versatile Earthwise Power Tools

  • Alloy steel 7-blade mower stays sharp longer

  • A self-cutting mower with an adjustable cutting height

Sun Joe Lawn Mower

  • Powerful

  • Lightweight

  • 20-inch mowing width

  • 7-position manual height-adjustment lever

SnapFresh Lawn Mower 

  • Powerful Brushless Motor 

  • 3 Adjustable Cutting Depth

  • 2 -IN-1 Grass Bag

  • Space Saving & Easy Transportation Design 

Black+Decker Lawn Mower

  • Corded design offers unlimited runtime

  • Powerful Electric Motor

  • Tool Free HeightE Adjustment

PowerSmart Lawn Mower

  • Power Source- Gasoline Powered

  •  Material- Alloy Steel 

  • Style- Power Mower

  • Weight- 24 kg 

Lawnmowers are better and cheaper than hiring people to trim your lawn. Once you buy a lawn mower it will stick around for almost a decade. But when you hire someone to trim the lawn you have to pay them every time for trimming, it might end up costing you a lot of money. 

Also when you mow the lawn yourself with the best lawn mower under 300 you get the satisfaction of working on it and trimming the lawn however you want. Also, you don’t want to wait for the helpers to come and guide them throughout the whole process. It is very time-consuming. 

But with lawnmowers, you can trim the grass whenever and however you want without any interruptions. It is easy to use a lawn mower. You have to trigger the knob and push the mower in whatever direction you want. 

Best Lawn Mower Under 300-Buying Guide

There are many different types of best lawn mower under 300 available in the market right now. You can buy them online or shop from your nearest local market. 

Factors to consider while buying the best lawn mower under 300

Types Of Best Lawn Mowers Under 300- 

  1. Ride-On Lawn Mowers– large lawns make it difficult to mow them with a smaller lawnmower. You can’t mow the lawn by walking the whole area. It might be very tiring. Hence you can use ride-on lawn mowers where you can sit comfortably and drive the mower around the lawn area. It will consume less time and your lawn will be finely trimmed. Also, the mechanism of these machines is powerful and tough. Best gas lawn mowers under 300 and best petrol lawn mowers under 300 should be one of your options. 
  2. Walk Lawn Mowers– if you have small lawns you can use the walk mowers to trim the grass. You have to push the mower ahead of you and it will automatically cut the grass. This way you can also have a little walk by yourself. This is the least complicated lawnmower. There are many options and styles available in walk mowers. Best push lawn mowers under 300 are available under this category. 
  3. Power Lawn Mowers– these types of mowers work on power so, it depends on your lawn area and the type of trimming you want. These mowers finely cut the grass in one try as they work on power. You should consider the best battery lawn mowers under 300 and the best electric lawn mowers under 300. 
  4. Drive Lawn Mowers– Drive mowers are trending nowadays. They give excellent performance depending on your lawn and your requirements. 

 They have their pros and cons too. The best mulching lawn mowers under 300 are the finest in this category to cut the grass into little clippings. 

How Do You Know Which Lawn Mower Is Best For Your Lawn? 

  1. Walk Mower/ Ride Mower– The type of lawn mower you need depends on the area, of your lawn. If you have a small lawn go for a walk mower. If your lawn is bigger, go for a riding mower so you can ride it while trimming the grass. 
  2. Type of drive– if your lawn has many obstacles, then you must choose the front-wheel-drive mower but if your lawn doesn’t have any barriers, then you should choose the rear-wheel-drive mower. 
  3. Function– a two-function mower consists of only two features, mulching, and bags to store the grass clippings after the mulching. A three-function mower has three features, mulching, bags, and side discharges used to mow tall weeds and grass. 
  4. Gas engine– a gas engine size must be around 140 ccs to 190 cc according to your usage. 
  5. Speed control– you must check the speed and the control from your dealer before buying the lawn mower. 
  6. Deck levers– it is available in different numbers like one, two, three, or four-deck levers. Usually, one to two deck levers are more than sufficient for a household lawn mower.  

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Best lawn mower under 300 reviews

1. Earthwise Lawn Mower

best lawn mower under 300

Description: Colour- Grey

                      Brand- Earthwise

                      Power Source- Manual

                      Material- Metal 

                      Style- Walk Mower

                      Mode- Manual 

                      Weight- 9 kg

                      Cutting Width- 16 inches

Performance: It cuts the grass when it is pushed forward. The reel can be adjusted accordingly to cut the grass in different sizes. As it has 7 blades it has fine cutting performance like a scissor. 

Comparison: it is eco-friendly as it doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide. It also doesn’t make loud noises. It is the best push lawn mower under 300.

Usage: it can be used to trim the grass with precision and it is perfect for smaller lawns like backyards and front yards. 

Pros: it is very lightweight. 

Cons: You have to assemble it on your own. 

What is new: it is built with versatile power tools to cut the grass very finely. The alloy steel blades make it durable for coming years. 

Why should you buy it: this lawn mower would be perfect for your yard. Whenever you want to take a walk you can take it with the lawn mower, this way, both tasks can be done at the same time. 

2. Sun Joe Lawn Mower

best lawn mower under 300

Description: Colour- Green 

                      Brand- Sun Joe 

                      Power Source- Battery Powered

                      Material- Alloy steel 

                      Style- Power Mower 

                      Mode- Manual 

                      Weight- 24.5 kg

                      Cutting Width- 21 inches 

Performance: as it is a push/walk mower it takes around 30 to 40 minutes to cut the grass depending on your yard. It takes 3 hours to charge the battery. A single charge can go for half an hour.  

Comparison: it has 48-volt power and around 110-watt motor. The best quality lithium battery is attached to it. It has seven different sizes of blades to trim the lawn according to your need. 

Usage: it can be used to precisely trim lawns with large areas. 

Pros: it comes with a collection bag attached to it. 

Cons: it is not self-propelled. 

What is new: The deck of the lawn mower is adjustable, however, you want. It also has a collection bag to store the grass clippings after the cutting. 

Why you should buy it: it is a battery-operated lawn mower hence, it is easy to use and it cuts the grass in one trim and very finely. It is the best battery lawn mower under 300. 

3. SnapFresh Lawn Mower 

best lawn mower under 300

Description: Colour- Green and Black 

                      Brand- SnapFresh 

                      Power Source- Electricity 

                      Material- Steel 

                      Style- Walk Mower

                      Mode- Manual      

                      Weight- 11 kg 

                      Cutting Width- 14 inches

Performance: the battery takes around 2 hours to charge, it is light in weight hence, it is easy to push. It has a powerful, brushless motor that makes it easier for the blades to trim the grass. 

Comparison: it has a 2-in-1 mulch that collects all the grass clippings and stores them for later throw it away. The bag is 30L large as it collects a lot of grass clippings. It is the best electric lawn mower under 300. 

Usage: it can be used to cut wet and dry both types of grass and on a big lawn. 

Pros: it has a long-lasting battery, has a push button to start it, and is a cordless lawn mower. 

Cons: it is not available in different colors. 

What is new: it has adjustable cutting levels. You can choose the cutting depth according to your need. The lawn mower doesn’t create any type of irritating and loud noise. 

Why should you buy it: it is very portable and easy to carry around due to its lightweight. It has a lithium-ion battery which is very durable and powerful.  

4. Black+Decker Lawn Mower

best lawn mower under 300

Description: Colour- Orange and Black 

                      Brand- Black+Decker

                      Power Source- Corded Electric

                      Material- Plastic 

                      Style- Walk Mower

                      Mode- Manual 

                      Weight- 21 kg 

                      Cutting Width- 20 inches 

Performance: the corded electric wire design provides you with maximum power and runtime for larger lawns like fields and sports grounds. The electric motor of 13 Amp provides enough power to cut the thick and grown grass rapidly.  

Comparison: it has a 3-in-1 option of mulching, bagging, or storing clippings from one side. The deck design is unique and provides precise cutting of dry as well as wet grass. 

Usage: it can be used to trim large lawns as the moto power is very high and the trimming is precise. 

Pros: Carry handles are provided to carry the lawn mower from one place to another. 

Cons: it is heavy. 

What is new: you can change the level of grass cutting with just one lever. It has 7 different levels of adjustments. The wheels can be adjusted, very swiftly. 

Why you should buy it: it is a very easy-to-use lawn mower. It is the perfect lawn mower for beginners. The wheel adjustment is also simple and can be done, within seconds. It is the best mulch lawn mower under 300. 

5. PowerSmart Lawn Mower

Description: Colour- Red, and Black 

                      Brand- PowerSmart 

                      Power Source- Gasoline Powered 

                      Material- Alloy Steel 

                      Style- Power Mower

                      Mode- Manual 

                      Weight- 24 kg 

                      Cutting Width- 21 inches

Performance: It has a 4-stroke engine with a recoil starter for an easy start. It can trim the grass up to 21 inches. The cutting deck trims the grass at a wide angle so your work becomes very fast and a lot of grass is cut within a few minutes. 

Comparison: It includes an air cooling system to avoid the lawn mower getting too hot due to the engine. The grass cutting height can be adjusted, for 5 different levels. Minimum gas can also work for a longer time and cut the grass precisely. 

Usage: it can be used for smaller lawns with thick and grown grass. 

Pros: it is already assembled and very easy to use. 

Cons: it can’t be used, for larger lawns like fields or sports grounds. It is not a self-propelled lawn mower. 

What’s New: It is a 2-in-1 mulch mower. All the waste grass clippings get discharged in the side bag. It is ideal for a one-acre area. It is an eco-friendly product as it works on gas. It is also very sustainable and durable for a long period. 

Why you should buy it: it is best for smaller areas and people who want to learn how to use a lawn mower. It finely trims the grass and gives perfect results all the time. Even children can use it and it will be a great help to you. It is the best gas lawn mower under 300. 

How long should a lawn mower last?

A lawn mower must last for around 10 years. But it also depends on your use, the area of the lawn, the climate, and the brand of the lawn mower. 

What are the uses of a lawn mower? 

A lawn mower can be used for cutting, trimming, mowing, and chopping grass on small lawns, big fields, sports grounds, gardens, etc. The lawn mower makes sure that the grass is finely trimmed to make the area smoother, cleaner, and safe. They are widely used, in the whole world for the same purpose and the results are amazing. 

How does a lawn mower work?

A lawn mower uses at least two blades to trim the grass. The first blade chops the height of the grass and the second blade runs over it to trim it more and make it appear smoother and not harmful to anyone. Also, the fine trimming of the grass and the time required to mow the whole yard or lawn depends on the power of that particular lawn mower.  

How many ccs does my lawn mower need to be? 

For a normal, household lawn trimming a lawn mower of around 160 ccs to 190 ccs is sufficient. For a normal size backyard, a 160 cc lawn mower will work, and for large lawn-like fields and sports ground a lawn mower with 190 ccs would be required.