dewalt string trimmer review

Top 3 String Trimmer Models And Dewalt String Trimmer Review

The design of the string trimmer is based on a wheel that spins very fast by providing enough for such that in the garden the grass can be cut in a particularly straight line. It is commonly used for shaping the lawn in a shape where it needs the line to be wanting and has perfect inserts. These trimmers are generally used for cutting the access grass that is grown in some areas. While buying if you are looking for the dewalt string trimmer review then this article also mentions it.



DEWALT DCST925B String Trimmer

  • Wireless usage

  • Long 13-inch swath

  • Powerful working

DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer & Blower Bundle

  • 14-inch swath and high speed

  • Very simple and easy

  • High power

  • Power adjusting button

DEWALT DCED472X1 Edger, Yellow/Black

  • 7-inch tall swath

  • High power blade

  • Easy movements

The string trimmer models

1. DEWALT DCST925B String Trimmer

Description: This trimmer has a huge cutting swath stick that is around 13 inches. It gives a great design where it can be operated without any chords and so it is helpful as using it for dewalt cordless string trimmer reviews. It also has speed control through which you can trim the lawn based on your speed desires.

Performance: the 13-inch tall swath can perform at 20V in maximum speed. It can work for 26 minutes straight and has a 5.0 Ah battery capacity. 

Comparison: the overall performance of the trimmer is very good when compared with any other model and features. As it has high power and provides wireless services.

Usage: you can use this for at most 26 minutes when continuously in use. You need to clean the debris and the exhaust while usage is finished to ensure perfect performance for the future.


  • Wireless usage.
  • Long 13-inch swath.
  • Powerful working.


  • Lasts for only 26 minutes.
  • Low battery capacity 
  • Cleaning needed 

2. DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer & Blower Bundle, 14-Inch (DCKO222M1)

dewalt string trimmer review

Description: This trimmer can cut up to 14 inches of side grass powered by a battery. The cutting swath is 14 inches. The height can be adjusted based on the need as it is foldable. It is operated by a battery.

Performance: the power of the trimmer is high such that it can be operated under high air pressure that can be up to 145 mph. it also delivers 450 cfm of air. It has a power control button.

Comparison: according to dewalt cordless string trimmer reviews it has good performance. The 14-inch swath and high speed make the work faster and easier.

Usage: the usage is very simple and easy. It does not have any wires to power it as it is battery-operated.


  • Adjustable swath
  • High power
  • Long 14-inch swath
  • Power adjusting button


  • High speed may not be compatible with small areas.
  • Only one color

What’s new: the adjustable swath is the new feature that has been added to the trimmer along with the high power features.

Why should you buy it: if you want a high-power wireless trimmer then this is a good option that you may choose.

3. DEWALT DCED472X1 Edger, Yellow/Black

Description: it is highly versatile as it is compatible with all types of plugs and grass cutting. The 7-inch tall swath is made up of stainless steel.

Performance: the trimmer has a blade made up of stainless steel and is 7 to 12 inches in size. It is a hard blade and can give an extreme performance. Speed can be controlled based on the requirement.

Comparison: it comes with a wheel attached which makes the movement easy and free. It also has high-performance blades that can function in extreme conditions.

Usages: the use of the device is very free as it comes with a wheel attached. It also has a thick blade that can function.


  • High power blade
  • Attached wheel
  • Easy movements


  • Short stick
  • The blade can be replaced with a shorter one

What’s new: it comes with a wheel that helps in easy operation and functioning along with a high-performance blade to cut the grass.

Why should you buy it: if you want high-performing lades with easy movements of the machine then you can go for thistrimmer.


1: Does the DEWALT trimmer need brushes?

A: it is a cordless tool operated with batteries.

2: How frequently does a trimmer needs replacement?

A: when using weekly, you may replace it every 180 days with new blades.

3: What happens if you are overusing?

A: oversing can cause heating and lead the motor to burn.

4: Why should you replace the blades?

A: if the blades become brittle, they won’t be able to chop grass.

So, based on the dewalt string trimmer review and dewalt 60v string trimmer reviewit is highly recommended that you use and consider these devices and reviews for cutting garden grass.