how to clean a lawn mower air filter

How To Clean A Lawn Mower Air Filter

Most lawnmower owners don’t pay attention to its air filter. They ignore it because they are not aware of its importance. The air filter is one of the most vital parts of the lawnmower that ensures the mower’s optimal performance. In this article, you will learn how to clean a lawn mower air filter all on your own. 

Cleaning an air filter is not a tedious or complicated process like cleaning your carburetor or draining your engine oil. And maintaining your air filter in optimal condition will result in the good performance of your lawnmower. 

how to clean a lawn mower air filter

Most of the problems in your lawnmower arise because of the old and clogged air filter. When your filter is no longer able to filter the air, it will send small debris or dust particle to the carburetor. This debris will clog the carburetor and produces black smoke. This will in turn result in overconsumption of the fuel or failure of the carburetor. 

If the debris manages to go to the engine through the carburetor, it can be quite troublesome. This can sometimes result in engine failure and you can only buy a new lawnmower if that happens. So, we are going to show you how to clean your lawnmower filter. 

Paper Air Filter

The first thing you should know is whether your lawnmower has a sponge or paper air filter. You can simply open the air filter casing and remove the filter. If you can see multiple paper filters tightly attached together, it is a paper air filter. 

how to clean a lawn mower air filter

You can’t reuse these paper air filters by washing or cleaning them. Most of the time, these paper air filters will be in the worst condition that requires a replacement. So, if you find any grass or debris clogging on the filer, remove them and replace them with a new one. They aren’t expensive as compared to replacing your carburetor which will happen if you leave your air filter dirty. So, periodically clean and change the air filter. 

Sponge Air Filter

The next kind of air filter is the sponge air filter. You can find whether your lawnmower has a sponge air filter by opening the filter casing. You may see a yellowish sponge with a hole inside the filter. The sponge’s color may vary but if you have a sponge air filter you have more advantages. 

First, take that out from the air filter casing. If you have a sponge air filter, you can reuse it multiple times just by cleaning it. Unlike paper air filters, you don’t have to replace them often. Now wash the sponge with clean water thoroughly. Once there is no dirt or debris in the sponge, let it dry. When it is completely dry, take that out and apply some clean engine oil. 

Make sure not to overpour the engine oil and be moderate. After a few minutes, put it back in the air filter casing. Now you can start using your lawnmower without any trouble. 

Which Air Filter Is Better?

You may now be wondering which type of air filter has superior qualities. Both these air filters try their best to prevent the entry of any dust particles into the carburetor and engine. But sponge air filter has an edge over the typical paper filter type.

The sponge air filter has a higher filtration depth making it less prone to clogging. Whereas the paper filter can easily be clogged and can result in overconsumption of fuel. And the sponge filter type can be easily reused by washing. You can’t reuse a paper filter once it has worn out. So, the sponge air filter is better than the paper air filter.