how to drain gas from lawn mower

How To Drain Gas From Lawn Mower

Is the mowing season over and you’re looking to shed your mower but don’t know how to drain gas from lawn mower? You came to the right place. We will show you the most effective way to drain the gasoline from the lawnmower and help you store it for the next mowing session. 

It is usual to keep your lawnmower in your shed until the winter season is over. But only a few take time to drain out the gasoline before putting their mower to rest for a few months. It is vital to remove or drain the fuel from the mower if you are not going to use them for a long time. It will prevent unwanted clogs in the fuel line and other malfunctions. 

how to drain gas from lawn mower

In this article, we will see how to drain the gas from the fuel tank using the method called Siphoning. Read the following instructions carefully. 

Step 1:

Run the mower for 10-15 minutes and switch it off. Let it cool for some time. Give at least 30 mins for the engine to rest. After that, we will move to the next part. 

Step 2:

Take a gasoline can in which you would like to store the gas and place it below the mower’s fuel tank level. Make sure you are placing it below its level and near the mower so that the siphoning works properly. 

Step 3:

This is the crucial step in the process where you will place a hose inside the fuel tank. Make sure that the hose is submerged and at the bottom of the fuel tank. You can collect all the gas in the tank only if it is completely submerged. 

Step 4:

Now take another hose and put it inside the fuel tank and seal the tank completely. You don’t want the air in there to escape. If the lid is not closing properly, you can use a wet cloth to cover the openings. 

Step 5:

Once the lid is perfectly air-tight, put the other end of the hose submerged in the fuel tank into the gas can. Now, blow steadily using the other hose. Pressure will be created inside the fuel tank which will lead the gasoline to be pushed into the other hose leading to the gas can. 

how to drain gas from lawn mower

Blow into the house until there is no more gasoline coming from the hose. Sometimes the fuel may not move because of any gap in the closing of the lid. So make sure that it is perfectly air-tight. 

Note: Turn off the fuel line that transports the fuel to the engine. Or else, the fuel will more likely to enter into the carburetor when you were blowing. If you can’t find an off switch you can use tools to apply pressure on the pipeline. 

If your gasoline is clean, you can use it to fuel your car or other gas-powered equipment. You can even use it in your snowblower to blow off the snow in the winter season. You can use them in the next mowing season, however, gasoline’s quality will degrade over time. So it is advisable to use them for something else instead of storing them. If you are using propane, you don’t have to worry as it won’t degrade in time. 

Final Step:

After draining fuel from the mower, we have to make sure that there is no more gas in it. To do that, turn on the mower and start running it until it stops automatically. Try to turn it on until it doesn’t start. Now, we may be certain that the mower is free of gas.