kubota lawn mower review

Kubota Lawn Mower Review – Just What Your Junior Wants!

As you follow the kubota lawn mower review you shall be amazed that how fascinating this little zero-turn pullback action-based lawn mower is for your junior. This toy lawn mower has some very interesting details to it!

Kubota lawn mower

kubota lawn mower review


Product brand: Kubota

Color: orange, black

Material: metal, rubber

Power source: pull-back reverse-wind spring motor

Weight: 0.19 pounds

Cutting width: 3 inches

Other dimensions: zero turn lawn mower


As you run through the kubota lawn mower review, you shall be amazed into knowing that this zero-turn lawn mower performs the action based on the pull-back reverse-wind spring motor. More to that, in this kubota lawn mower review you shall be guided further to many of its details. You shall be able to buy this toy lawn mower from any of the toys and games shops that sell lawn mowers or even across the online stores as well. While you are searching for the best toy lawn mower for your child, the objective that you shall surely keep in mind is that you are eventually choosing something for your little one that rolls easily over the grass. No matter if they are riding the lawn mower or even pushing it, the toy lawn mower must have the features such as the thick and chunky wheels along with having either a handle or a steering wheel too which is easy to use. This lawn mower is just the perfect model for your little one who is very much interested and excited about mowing the lawn just like you do.


The kubota lawn mower has a very lightweight to it and it is absolutely suitable for children above the age of five. This lawn mower comes having the authentic colors and graphics as produced by the manufacturer. It functions on the basis of the mechanism that needs a pull-back reverse-wind spring motor. It has been made having a diecast body with plastic parts. This lawn mower also has hard rubber tires. Being the toy lawn mower, it is certain that it shall only have playable and fun parts only but also have details so that your kids can have a feeling like that of a real lawn mower. 


This kubota zero turn lawn mower has been recommended as safe for the children from the age of five. The manufacturer of this toy lawn mower had ensured that safety for the children must be the first and most important thing around this lawn mower. So, you as a parent can freely buy this toy lawn mower without having a thing to worry about. This toy lawn mower has been made using only rubber and metal. Though a word of caution still goes out to the parents from the manufacturer that while playing with this lawn mower it is always advisable that the children are under the adult supervision just in case if they have a habit of chewing the toys. 


  • Make great as gifts
  • Made from rubber and metal
  • Are of a very lightweight


  • May end up receiving the smaller model than the correct scale

What’s New?

This toy lawn mower is very much portable having a dimension of 3.5x2x2.5 inches that very easily adjusts within the scale of 1/64. It also has a very lightweight to it that happens to be 0.19 pounds which can very easily and comfortably be dragged by the kids around any part of the yard or the lawn they wish to play. This toy lawn mower has the ability to provide the children with the application of its fun pull-back action. This makes this lawn mower loved by all the children. Like all the other toys that have been made by kubota, this toy lawn mower too comes having a very authentic appearance to it.  This toy model of the lawn mower has a bright orange body to it along with black accents. Indeed, this looks very real and also has graphics along with it as well. 

Why should you buy it?

This is really a fun toy and so it makes great as gifts for birthdays or any other occasions for children. In fact, it is enough small for even being able to be put on a birthday cake surrounded by lots of frosting grass. This toy lawn mower surely has been made using a high-quality product and not just any cheap-looking toy. If the mood fancies you, even you as an adult shall also be able to use this toy as a paperweight or make a good use as miniature farm displays. This toy lawn mower surely has a lightweight too, being under half a pound.  Children shall very easily be able to carry it in their hands. This toy lawn mower makes it great for taking it outside and into letting the little figures of action mow the grass. Indeed, it is fun as it looks very real. Having a very small and portable size to these lawn mowers you shall be able to take them along with you wherever you may wish to. This surely makes a very engaging play for your child. 


1. Why should a child play with a toy lawn mower?

There surely is a benefit to playing with this toy lawn mower. Since this is not a stationary toy so, moving around and playing with this toy lawn mower shall keep your child active and alert on his reflexes. 

2. How big is this lawn mower?

This toy lawn mower has a measurement of about 3 inches x 4 inches.

3. Are the handles of the lawn mower stationary or do they move?

The handles of this toy lawn mower do not move. They are stationary.

4. Has this lawn mower made from plastic or metal?

This toy lawn mower has been made using plastic.