best tires for zero turn mower

5 Best Tires for Zero Turn Mower

Best tires for zero turn mower have grown so prominent these days that the market is now swamped with several types. You may select between little mowers that function in small spaces and bigger mowers that can handle quite a large terrain.



11x4-5 Lawn Mower Tires on Wheel

  • Flat free&Puncture-proof

  • Adjustable adapter kit

  • 11x4.00-5" FLAT FREE TIRE

  • 7/24 Satisfactory Service

New HORSESHOE 11x4.00-5 Flat-Free Smooth Tires

  • HORSESHOE premium lightweight

  • Flat-free tires

  • Capacity 400 LBS.

Carlisle Turf Saver Bias Tire

  • Made in United States

  • Package Height: 7.2"

  • Package Length: 18.0"

  • Fit type: Universal Fit

AR-PRO 11x4.00-5|11x4.50-5|11x6.00-5 Heavy Duty Replacement Inner Tube

  • Made  Heavy Duty From Quality Materials

  • Safety

  • Adds Comfort To Your Ride

MARASTAR 00232-2pk Universal Fit Flat Free 11x4.00-5 Lawn Mower Tire

  • Rebound and weight-carrying qualities

  • Tire 2 pack 11x4. 00-5 flat free Smooth tread 

  • Wheel solid Black steel, 3. 4" Centered hub

Regardless of your deployment situation, no doubt using a zero-turn mower not only speeds up the task but is also a great deal of fun.

Best tires for zero turn mower– Buying Guide

Factors to consider while buying the best tires for zero turn mower

The article will teach you about the many varieties of best tires for zero turn mower and the way they function in various settings. It is suggested to read it thoroughly if you wish to buy tires that are the greatest fit for you.

Factors to look upon:

Turn mowers are a major expense, so choosing the proper one is critical if you like to get your investment back.

As a result, let’s just go over certain variables that you should consider while selecting the best tires for a zero-turn mower for your lawn. You must select a mower depending on the length of your land, slope, and area. Choosing the correct tire for a Zero-turn lawn mower may make your life simpler.

Best tires for zero turn mower reviews

1. 11×4-5 Lawn Mower Tires on Wheel, Flat Free Solid Smooth Tread Zero Turn & Garden Tractor Mowers Tire Assembly, 3/4″ or 5/8″ Bushing, 3.4″-4″-4.5 -5″ Centered Hub


Brand Name: SCBHWJ

Power mode: Automatic

Dimensions:11.61 x 11.34 x 8.5 inches

Weight of the mower: 10.5 Pounds

Material: steel and foam

Rim Width: 4inches


Solid polyurethane foam 11×4-5 lawn mower tires are flat-free and burst proof. Also, they do not puncture easily. Air pressure and compression are worry-free, exceptionally reliable, do not demand much maintenance, and are impenetrable.


These tires are perfect for today’s tiny lawns and hurried schedules. They’re constantly available when you are, and they’re nearly cheap to maintain, with no clogged spark plugs or motorsThe 11×4.00-5″ FLAT FREE TIRE comes with installed and attached hubs and bushing in the adjustable adapter kit.

It also comes with a second adapter kit that contains two 5/8″ bushings, two 1/2″ wide tire nylon spacers, and two 1/4″ wide wheel nylon spacers. 

Fit for: The majority of zero-turn lawnmowers and garden tractors can use the 11×4.00-5″ FLAT FREE TIRE.

Pros and cons:

Puncture proof

Maintenance free


What’s New?

The design, style, and cutting-edge features are available in the latest models.

Why should you buy it? A good product with strong pieces of equipment and best reviews can be considered the best product you should buy.

2. New HORSESHOE 11×4.00-5 Flat-Free Smooth Tires w/Steel Rim for Zero Turn Lawn Mower Garden Tractor – hub 3″-5″ with 1/2″ Precision Bearing 114005 OT161


Tire diameter: 10.6″; tire width: 4″; rim diameter: 5″; center hub length: 3″; axle: 1/2″ precise ball bearings. Bulletproof solid tires are fitted on a robust 5″ steel frame with a load capacity of 400 LBS.


This product is one of the best-selling products and has high efficiency. It provides better grip, and fast cutting and is long-lasting.


A short search on the internet for the best tires for zero turn mowers would reveal models that are aesthetically extremely different. Some provide a more forceful tread design with wider slots, and some have a more conservative tread design with fewer grooves.


The horseshoe is an ideal choice for any zero-turn mower’s rear tires. The tire provides exceptional sidehill traction due to the circular loops. The tire is also quite flexible and operates well in confined situations.


Compact, robust tires may be used on minimal-turn lawnmowers, garden tractors, and golf carts without damaging the turf. They are highly durable and reliable.


It doesn’t hold any such cons. You may face issues with the price but the price range is also compatible with the features.

What’s New?

You can be carefree with this mower and there is no need to check air pressure, add air, or repair tire punctures, and no flat tires. It’s a very convenient new age mower.

Why should you buy it?

If you wish to get the best tires for a zero-turn mower, this is the best option that fits your budget and is very convenient.

3. Carlisle Turf Saver Bias Tire – 18×7.50-8 4


Size 18×7.50-8

Brand Carlisle

Section Width 7.5 Inches

Rim Width 8 Inches

Load Index Rating 4


Carlisle promises that its tires and wheels are free from errors in the quality of workmanship, based on the terms, restrictions, and limits mentioned above. The obligation of CTP for tires and wheels is limited to the repair of any faulty tire or rim plus any relevant taxes.


Several brands provide a more aggressive tire design with larger slots, while others offer a more conservative tire design featuring fewer slots. It all depends on the company and model. Carlisle provides the best tires for zero-turn mowers.


They may work with sloping, very dry soil, or very level terrain. However, spackled dry ground is unlikely to have weeds growing on it, and if you have a completely level lawn, a far less harsh turf tire might be preferable.


It is easy to install as well as inflate. This product is also the best in this price range.


There are no functional drawbacks to this product. The only issue you may face is with the packaging.

What’s New?

It has no rim so it fits the zero turn. These features make it different from others and best for you.

Why should you buy it?

The best product that gives you zero-turn mowers with limited effort and maintenance, makes it the perfect lawn mower for your lawn.

4. AR-PRO 11×4.00-5|11×4.50-5|11×6.00-5 Heavy Duty Replacement Inner Tube with TR-87 Bent Valve Stem (2-Pack) – for Wheelbarrows, Mowers, Hand Trucks, and More


Brand ‎AR-PRO

Weight ‎1.04 pounds

Dimensions ‎7.48 x 5.2 x 3.9 inches


AR-PRO’s are highly safe and are even the best tires for zero turn mower on hills. Its inner tube is meant to be blast-resistant. If and when pierced, it rapidly forms a tight seal to protect the rider from harm, damage, etc. In every temperature or weather condition, you are safe.


It has four times thicker rubber that absorbs the shocks. You will not notice the shocks and troughs since the vehicle would glide through, shielding you from the pressure.


You can use it on tough terrains . it would last long and provide the best experience.

Pros and cons

Easy installation

Zero-turn mower

Reliable and has high durability

What’s new?

As compared to previous models, it is built with more precision and the manufacturer has especially focused on the comfort of the customers.

Why should you buy it?

They are nicely packaged and provide a valve cover for each tube, all of these steps by the producer indicate that they are concerned about quality and customer demands. If they meet your needs they are strongly recommended.

5. MARASTAR 00232-2pk Universal Fit Flat Free 11×4.00-5 Lawn Mower Tire Assembly, 3.4″ Centered Hub, 3/4″ Bushing



Tread Depth 0.75 Inches

Rim Size 4 Inches

dimensions 10.8 x 4 x 10.8 inches


Marathon tires can provide rebound and weight-carrying qualities of an air-filled tire, yet they don’t go flat. It’s a flat-free zero-turn lawn mower and tool tires are compact, non-marking, and come with rolling elements or bearings placed on a thick metal rim.


Marastar is available in different models and designs. Every model is designed for specific needs and lawn sizes.


As they are made up of strong materials and contain bearings, you can use them on tough terrains without worrying.

Pros and cons

They are flat Free

Light in weight

Solid Steel Wheel

Contains Ball Bearings

What’s new?

The new model has a 300lb load capacity which is quite good. It has a low hassle solution which makes it a quite good choice for zero-turn mowers. Also, there are several new designs available in this model, you can even buy a single tire or a combo as per your requirements.

Why should you buy it?

The quality is significantly superior to all the others, and the pricing is also, curiously, the best. You would be quite pleased and startled by the customer’s feedback. The value for money is fantastic. There are no issues with the bearings or grease joints.


1. Who makes the best zero-turn mower for the money?

Many brands make the best zero-turn mower and that too under the budget. You may compare online and select the best one for you. You may check several selection measurements and based on them you can get the best tire for zero turn mower.