best commercial string trimmer

The Best Commercial String Trimmer on the Market

When you have a beautiful green lawn, it always needs delicate care to keep its beauty intact. That’s why you constantly have to trim it and skim it. A simple lawnmower isn’t enough as it can’t reach tough spots like along the fence or under the deck. You will need the best commercial string trimmer to cut grass from every corner.

Today in this article, I will tell you about the best commercial string trimmer that will keep your lawn’s beauty intact and its edges sharp.

WORX GT String Trimmer/Blower Combination


This string trimmer and blower combo is just the thing you are looking for. If you are looking to buy a trimmer and a blower separately, it will be very costly. This combo will not only be beneficial to you monetarily but also the features will help you save a lot of energy.

The 12″ cutting diameter is the perfect size to reach every part of your lawn. And the special feature of this trimmer, the spacer guard, will help protect flowers, plants, and lawn furniture from accidentally trimming. And you will love the adjustable guard when it comes to keeping the decorative parts of your landscape safe. All these features make this the best commercial string trimmer for you.

Modeled after a jet engine design, this turbine blower blows out 360 cfm at 75 mph for a wide, powerful stream of air. And surprisingly, this blower only weighed 4.4 pounds with the battery attached.


You can convert the trimmer into an edger with just a pivot of the head, which means you are buying a combo of 3 and paying for 1. You can change the power to 20V, 40V, and 80V with the same battery. With the dimensions of 55.2 * 5.5 * 7.5 inches (L * W * H), this trimmer surprisingly weighs only 5.3 pounds. It comes with a 12-inch cutting diameter and you can change the trimmer string at any time to keep your trimmer sharp.

This blower is modeled after turbine technology and has an airspeed of 75 mph. It feels like using a jet engine to clean your lawn. The turbine engine sucks air from the back and throws air with a pressure of 75 mph. And this heavy work is also surprisingly very light in weight; it just weighs 4.4 pounds.


Both the products are relatively easy to use, and because of that, you can be called a “lawn artist” among your friends. You just need to charge the trimmer to give it power, and a quick charger is already provided by the company. You can start it with a power button near the handle and adjust the handle according to your convenience. It can be converted into 7 positions. You can also adjust the position according to your height with the help of a telescopic shaft. And the 90-degree heat shaft helps you trim in all the areas.

Starting the blower is also the same. You need to switch on the machine with the help of a button that is provided near the handle. There is also a switch that helps you change the speed of the wind. low pressure for tight areas and high speed for blowing grass off the lawn. The speed options are 270 cfm and 340 cfm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are the battery life expectancy, battery warranty, and other battery details?

A. The combo already provides two batteries that have a life expectancy of 3-5 years. You can adjust the power of the trimmer without changing the battery. And the batteries are covered under a 1-year warranty period. The cost of replacement batteries varies depending on what you want; however, it is also sold by the manufacturer.

Q. If I purchase from Amazon, am I eligible for a free spool for life?

A. You can get 12 spools with 12 spool caps and the shipments are free for Prime users. However, if you are not a Prime user, then you will have to pay for shipments. And you can buy spools on Amazon at a very cheap rate.

The Greenworks 40V cordless string trimmer


This Cordless String Trimmer is one of the best commercial string trimmer you are looking for. When fully charged, this beast gives 30 minutes of run time without any hesitation. This ergonomically designed string trimmer gives superior balance so that you can cut and shape your landscape without hurting your back. The size of which is 65 X 7.5 X 15 (L X W X H).


This 12-inch trimmer comes with a 0.0065 dual-line auto-feed head for a sharp and precise cut. This best commercial string trimmer line is compatible with a G-MAX 40V li-ion battery, which is best suitable for better efficiency and gives a runtime of 30 minutes when fully charged.


Using this product is quite simple and healthy for your back. Where most string trimmers may hurt your back, this best commercial string trimmer line is specially designed to ease your back pain and is easy to handle. To start this machine, you just have to switch on the button which is there on the handle. You can also control the speed with the variable speed trigger, which is also present in the handle. The wrap-around handle just below the handle is there as a second handle that provides a better grip for precision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. So the description says, “cordless string trimmer with battery and charger not included.” Which is it? with or without the battery and charger?

Ans . The Green work 40V 12 inches cordless string trimmer does not come with a battery and charger, as this product is idle for existing users who wish to expand their collection.

Q. How do you reload the line?

Ans. Well, it is suggested to use the refill spoon when you run out of the line. However, you can use the same spool, you just have to wind your line