honda hrx217 review

Honda hrx217 Review – Your Guide

The honda hrx217 review is out now! It brings in details about so many of its great new features. This time this refurbished lawn mower has been given a much stronger body and so they have used NeXite into building it. Many more such details await you to be read about in the Honda hrx217 review.

1. Honda hrx217 lawn mower

honda hrx217 review


Product brand: Honda

Color: red and black

Material: NeXite

Power source: gas powered

Weight: 95 pounds

Cutting width: 21 inches

Other dimensions: electric start


Here in this honda hrx217 review you shall get to know what makes this model of the lawn mower by honda so much popular amongst the home users. Honda has always been a brand of great repute and so, being a high in-demand brand, you shall easily be able to find all of the products by honda across different stores and in the online stores as well. This time honda has refurbished this lawnmower and has ensured its quality by making it run through tests before certifying it to be perfect. The refurbishing process of honda had carried some in-depth checking and changes that they have brought in. it includes the processes such as the functionality testing along with the basic inspection and cleaning and then passing it to be OK for being repacking.


So, here through this honda hrx217 review, it has been attempted to make you know about this refurbished lawn mower by honda from a little closer so that you can get to learn in detail about all the changes it has been made into making it a much more effective tool than before, into meeting the needs for the household purposes. This gas-powered lawn mower by honda comes having a dimension of its body having 19.25 inches. The body of this walk behind lawn mower has been NeXite which gives it a solid base into protecting the engine strongly.


Having an electric start format to its functioning, this lawn mower by honda comes having a cutting width of 21 inches. The NeXite deck and the swift efficiency of the 21 inches twin blades give this lawn mower the advantage of providing the user with a micro-cut level of fitness.  There has been brought a huge difference this time in the blades of this lawn mower. The twin blades have been provided having the 4-in-1 Versamow System along with having the clip director that provides into giving the user the benefit of having excellent performance during the mulching, bagging, or even while discharging the grass clippings or shredding the leaves without having the need or the requirement to additional tools and accessories.


  • Gas-powered
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable body


  • May face little glitches adjusting the height

What’s New?

This refurbished model of the lawn mower has been provided with the advantage of having the self-propelled mode having the accessibility of integrated selective speed of driving control given to the user so that what he enjoys as the outcome is ultimate from the perspective of comfort, control and also convenience. The ease to start and the power and torque bring in a new level of dimension to this lawnmower. The research and development team of honda has conducted multiple surveys from the households and the individual users as well about his last model and had taken each of their feedback very seriously and used it in refurbishing this model of the lawn mower. This upgrade is surely the outcome of it. 

This new HRX series of this lawn mower has been modified in its functional design so that it is able to deliver its users the user-supportive platform that helps to give the best mowing experience than ever before. Because it is the engine of the lawn mower that provides support for the swift movement of the blades into having a smooth cut, so this lawn mower too has been given the more torque power so that it operates in a forceful manner into delivering the best results possible. 

Why should you buy it?

It is surely a must-buy lawn mower especially if you are looking forward to mowing the lawn of your house. The innovative and advanced technology of this lawn mower makes it compatible with handling tough jobs.  Having the very latest blade break clutch, it helps in coping up with the power the lawn mower generates. This modified system of blade break provides for safely stopping of the blades of the lawn mower from spinning that allows the user to safely remove him away from the lawn mower yet keep the lawn mower running all the while without having to switch it off manually.