worx lawn mower review

Worx Lawn Mower Review – A Survey 2022

The worx lawn mower review discloses so many important features about it. If you are keen on knowing how to achieve finer cuts at the edges of the lawn or how to get the maximum help from it. Everything has been explained. 

Worx lawn mower

worx lawn mower review


Product brand: WORX

Color: black and orange

Material: plastic

Power source: battery powered

Weight: 35.3 pounds

Cutting width: 17 inches

Other dimensions: patented intellicut technology


Here in this worx lawn mower review you shall surely get to learn about many of its features along with the specific details of this lawn mower that shall help you into making a firm decision that why it is one of the most favored lawn mowers for the users. Also, you must also know that more than just a worx lawn mower review, it is a research analysis of this product into guiding you about all that you should know before you go for making this purchase. You shall be able to find this worx lawn mower not only across the stores but also on the online stores as well. Users have always rated this product on a very higher scale. Worx WG743 40V has a power share of 4.0ah. This cordless lawn mower that comes having the batteries and charger included, shall provide you into having a cutting width of 17 inches.


This is one such lawn mower that operates on the application that is based upon the torque-on-demand functions. This lawn mower has been patented with having the technology based on intellicut that automatically provides for generating more power and force when it detects that the grass is getting thicker. Then with the application of its other most advanced technology this lawn mower allows you into dialing it back down from the speed and its power source so that you shall be able to conserve the battery energy of it and make it run for a longer duration of time. Having the help of its six cutting heights functions, it has a single lever adjustment process that offers you to pick the right height so that you are able to accommodate the different seasons and along with having the different preferences that you may require. This battery-powered worx lawn mower brings forth to you the technology of making the lawn mower perform the tasks with the help of the same battery but with having the capacity of expandable power mode. The power share of the worx battery has been made to adjust and be compatible with all the other tools, outdoor power and also with the lifestyle products that are under the worx brand. This is indeed a great advantage and a support that has been offered by the manufacturers of this brand to all its users.


The 17 inches of cutting width that the steel deck provides, helps this lawn mower to provide the user with the service of cut to the edge quality. With the help of this cut to the edge design, the lawn mower gets you the advantage of guiding it into more- closer to the fences and also the landmarks over your lawn into having the less trimming lawn than the other brands of lawn mowers. Amongst having the multiple other qualities of this worx lawn mower, another such function is into providing you the advantage of the battery charge indicator. Having the support and advantage of this onboard battery indicator, you shall always get to know about how much power in the battery you have been left with. This is a great support in letting you know on the time that how much more shall you be able to make this lawn mower perform its tasks before you have to either swap out the battery or shall have to put the lawn mower on recharge.


  • Battery-powered
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Full bag indicator


  • There may occur some smoky smell on the battery

What’s New?

The lawn mower also has the option of letting you know through its full bag indicator about the time that you have left into emptying the mower’s plastic-topped bag that has been made into collecting the cut blades of grass while the mower is performing its operations. The level of comfort that this lawn mower can offer to its user is incredible. It comes having a collaspsible handle that helps in the easy storage of this lawn mower in the garage when it is not in use and also when it is off-season. With the help of the dual-port charger system that comes along with the lawn mower, you shall be able to charge both the batteries of the lawn mower together at one time, which shall take two hours of time. Or otherwise, you also have the option of putting into charge of one battery at one time which shall take an hour to charge. With this charger, you can also be able to charge all the 20V batteries of each of your worx powershare tools and gadgets. The incredible ability of the two 20V batteries into providing the 40V of performance and power adds as a big step of advantage to the user. It helps him to have a smooth and more brutal cut along with having a long time of running of the batteries. It surely handles the more-denser and also the more challenging lawns in an efficient and time-saving manner. 

Why should you buy it?

The worx lawn mower makes it for a very much hassle-free usage. This 40V battery-powered lawn mower has been enabled into bringing forth a brutal force just like the gas-powered lawn mower does without making you pay for the gasoline or even without creating any mess either. It is so effortless to function that you are not required to pull the cords. So, these incredible offerings of this lawn mower are surely the one to watch out for and makes it one of the most demanded lawn mowers for the users. As you buy this lawn mower along with it you shall also get the batteries, the dual charger, the bushel collection bag, and also the mulch plug.