what is self propelled lawn mower

What Is Self Propelled Lawn Mower

A lawnmower has become one of the necessary home appliances in almost every house with a garden. People like to keep their grass short and lushful to create an aesthetic appearance. And lawnmower might seem to be the best option to accomplish this task.

But many types of lawn mowers are available for you to purchase. You can buy the traditional push lawnmower which is powered by gas and your sweat. It is exhausting to use these push lawnmowers especially if you have a large backyard. Mowing your garden can be turned into a nightmare if you are using a push lawnmower on a terrain landmass.

So, a new type of lawn mower known as a self-propelled lawnmower is introduced. This lawnmower has the capability of moving forward without any eternal push. In other words, self-propelled lawnmowers are self-powered lawnmowers.

But the user has to steer these lawnmowers. Though they can move, we have to steer these mowers in the right direction. Most self-propelled lawn mowers come with various speed adjustments settings. You can enter the desired speed and just walk behind them while they cut your grass.

You can adjust the speed by rotating the speed throttle in the handlebar. In a few lawnmowers, the speed adjustments will be controlled by a separate lever. Once you put the key and adjust the speed, the mower will start moving forward. You have to just walk behind them and steer them to the right places.

Elderly people and senior citizens can purchase this lawnmower because they require zero physical effort. A self-propelled lawnmower might turn your boring lawn mowing experience into your favorite hobby.

3 Types Of Self-Propelled Lawnmowers

what is self propelled lawn mower

There are three types of lawnmowers that have slightly different mechanisms. Understand them carefully before making any purchases.

  1. Front Wheel
  2. Rear Wheel
  3. All-Wheel

Front Wheel:

This kind of self-propelled lawnmower has its front wheel attached to the engine. So, the moving power comes from the front wheels of this lawnmower. If you have to change the direction, you have to simply lift the front wheels by pushing down the handlebar. Then just rotate the machine and let it down. Now, it will cut the grasses in the direction you left them in. Elder people can equip this kind of lawnmower as they are easy to control.

Rear Wheels:

This model lawnmower has its rear-wheel attached to the engine resulting in better traction. They don’t offer its users better maneuverability but they provide much better mowing due to the higher traction. They are designed to yield maximum benefits in rough terrain regions.


what is self propelled lawn mower

The all-wheel lawnmower is designed to transfer power from the engine to all its wheel resulting in much greater traction. They can also perform well in terrain and hilly regions. They also come with a bag to collect the cut grass. Since they have four powered wheels, they can be used for a much longer time.

There are gas-powered and electric self-propelled lawn mowers available in the market. The gas-powered self-propelled lawnmowers are comparatively cheaper than the electrical lawnmower units. But if we see in the long term, electric motors fuel costs are astonishingly lower compared to gasoline’s costs.

They also require less maintenance than gas-powered self-propelled lawnmowers. The only drawback of an electric lawn mower is that most of them need to be plugged into a live electrical socket at all times to operate. Only a few operate on the inbuilt battery that will last for several hours.

One of the other advantages that come with self-propelled lawn mowers is adjustable speed. You can control the speed with much freedom. Elderly people can keep the speed of these lawnmowers at the minimum so that they can walk easily with the mower while maintaining a silky smooth look on their garden.


1. Which is better self-propelled or push lawn mower?

A push lawnmower requires its users to push the mower to the areas where they like them to mow. It can be extremely difficult to cover a large garden. Whereas a self-propelled lawnmower requires the user to steer them alone. They can move on their own and cut the grass along the way.

2. Can you push a self-propelled lawnmower?

Although pushing a self-propelled lawnmower while it’s moving won’t affect the machine in any way, there is no need to push these lawnmowers. They can move on their own and all you have to do is steer them on the right path.

3. How fast does a self-propelled mower go?

Self-propelled lawn mowers are not fast as compared to riding lawnmowers. They can achieve a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour.