trimmer blades vs string

Which Options You Need to Consider in Trimmer blades vs string

Different kinds of technologies have come along the way that can give your lawn a finesse look. Trimmers are the most common way to get a nice clean look on a well-maintained lawn. Trimmers come in 2 major types – Trimmers with blades (also known as brush cutters) and trimmers with string (also known as weed eaters). This article will discuss the major points of Trimmer blades vs string.

On the one hand, blade trimmers use blades to cut or trim the grass. They have both plastic and metal-based blades that can be used on the requirement to cut grass; plastic and metal blades have varying thicknesses according to the need. On the other hand, string trimmers are made up of different kinds of nylon monofilament lines. This line spins fast and gives a smooth lawn look.

trimmer blades vs string

The main usage of trimmer blades vs string

Weeds, grass, and other foliage are cut by trimmer blades and string trimmer. And there are various options available depending on the need. If you need to clear the high density of foliage you will require heavy metal blades and for precision, you will require string trimmer blades as they can easily work around trees.

Blade trimmers can give accurate cuts around the corners. In other words, edging around the boundary is made of concrete or stone. This benefit makes the trimmer blades much more usable and gives more benefits than the string trimmer.

However, string trimmers are used for specific purposes. For instance, if you need more detailing work on your lawn you will require a string trimmer as it can be easily handled which makes the mowing work easy.

The distinction between trimmer blades and string

Both the trimmers (trimmer blades vs string) have a list of pros and cons. However, the best fit depends on the specific requirement. If you have a big lawn that needs to be taken care of and you require more power, and versatility and want to have even cut all around you should prefer blade trimmers.

On the other hand, if you have lots of trees on your lawn and you need to trim the grasses around it. The string trimmer will be really handy for you. You can work with precision by using string trimmers.

Power Source Available for blade trimmer and string trimmer

Both the trimmer are gas-powered or electric-powered. The only difference is that a gas-powered trimmer has more power and can be used for heavy-duty. It can be used for longer hours. If you have a big backyard lawn that requires mowing regularly you need to go for the gas-powered trimmers.

If you require light use you can buy the electric-powered trimmer with a cord or with a battery. While purchasing an electric cord trimmer make sure that the cord is easily reachable to the yard area where the trimming is needed. Moreover, if you are using a battery trimmer then the battery needs to be changed regularly.

Potential Drawback of Trimmer blades vs string

Even though blade trimmers can get worn down by concrete and stone if they come in regular contact. They have better durability in comparison to the string trimmers. But when the blades get cracked then no risk should be taken and they should be replaced with new ones as soon as possible for your safety.

As compared to a solid metal blade trimmer string trimmer is made of a nylon line which is not hard and thick as compared to metal blades. And with the high speed of the nylon line, it wears down quickly and gets damaged easily. Although it can be changed easily, as compared to the blade trimmers it has a shorter life and requires continuous maintenance. This might be costly but it is worth it as string trimmers have a lot of benefits.

trimmer blades vs string


1. Why are string trimmers referred to as weed eaters?

Weed eaters were the first string trimmers that came into the market. It came from the need to provide more convenient trimming of grasses. String trimmer has a nylon line of monofilament which spins fast to cut grass and give a neat look around the edges.

Many other string trimmers have been developed after the weed eaters have come into the market.       

2. Why in some cases string trimmer is preferred over blade trimmers

The main utility of string trimmers is that it is very efficient in using around the trees. And it does not affect them at all. On the other hand, blade trimmers can cut the trees and that situation would not be ideal for the lawn owner. Due to this specific reason string trimmers became popular. As with the nylon line, they were safe and worked with precision.