mulching blades vs regular blades

Everything you need to know about mulching blades vs regular blades

Lawn mower blades come ins all kinds of varieties. But majorly there are two most common types of blades – standard or regular blades and mulching blades. This article will explore all the points related to mulching blades vs regular blades. Regular blades are called 2 in 1 blade as it only collects and discharges the clippings of the grass but they cannot mulch the clippings. For mulching, you will require mulching blades.

Mulching blades are called 3-in-1 blades. As it has added advantage of mulching after collecting and discharging. As it cut the leaves again and again and makes a bio-degradable substance in the end.

mulching blades vs regular blades

Shapes of mulching and regular blades

The cutting edge of the mulching blade is curved and does not cut the grass in one attempt. The main purpose is not to cut immediately but to cut in repeated circulation to put the clippings again and again. So you can get very fine clippings that can be used as mulch.

Contrastingly, the cutting edge of regular blades is straight and grasses can be cut sharply and the clippings come out as soon as it is cut. Regular blades give much sharper cutting in one go. No need to do it again and again.

Cub cadet mulching blades vs regular blades

There are a lot of mulching kits available in the market that can be added to your mowing arsenal. The cub cadet mulching blades kit usually includes a plug and two blades. These mulching blades cut the leaves again and again until it s ready to go into the ground as biodegradable. This benefit has made people like these blades over regular blades.

Regular blades do not provide the cutting of blades again and again. It just cuts the leaves and put them out after one cut. Even though regular blades lack mulching it is preferred by people because it does the job very fast.

Ego mulching blade vs bagging blade

Ego mulching blade as the name suggests has bent blades which cut the grass many times to make it finer to such detail that it goes back into the grass and becomes a biodegradable substance. It consumes less power so it vibrates less.

On the opposite side, bagging blades consume a lot of power and cut all the grasses in one go. And it has high lift blades as compared to regular blades that have low-lift and medium-lift blades.

mulching blades vs regular blades

Mulching blades can be put on any mower or not

With modern technology, munching can be almost attached to any mower. However, you need to be careful before buying a new mower as there are mowers that are suitable to add the mulching blades. In simple words, not all mowers can add mulching blades but most of them will.


1. Is mulching blades better than regular blades?

Both the blades have advantages in different areas. Mulching blades have the advantage of cutting leaves in the finer details which creates a biodegradable substance and help to reduce waste but it takes time. Regular blades, on the other side, do the cutting very fast but do have mulching.