how to start craftsman lawn mower

How To Start Craftsman Lawn Mower

Starting a lawnmower can be quite troublesome especially if you are new to lawnmowing. There are various types of lawnmowers that require different procedures to use them efficiently. In this article, we are going to see how to start craftsman lawn mower.

There are many reasons why a lawnmower doesn’t start. It might have not started because of the lack of fuel, sparkplug failure, or blocked fuel line. Ensure that your fuel tank has sufficient fuel and a spark plug inserted in the right place. If it doesn’t start after that, read the following to know more.

1. Check The Engine Oil

how to start craftsman lawn mower

To begin, check to determine whether your lawnmower has sufficient gas to start. Most of the lawnmowers have the same style of oil tank. Both the riding mower and the push lawnmower, for example, will have a fuel tank on top of the engine. The canisters are usually black. Craftsman lawnmower also has the same kind of oil tank.

Take off the oil tank’s cover and using a dipstick, determine the oil level. If you find the oil level is low, add extra oil. This will help to start the engine without any noise as it adds a level of lubrication between the gears in the engine.

2. Spark Plug

Oftentimes, the problem behind starting a craftsman lawnmower is because of a malfunctioning sparkplug. The sparkplug initiates the combustion of the engine which results in the rotation of the blades. The sparkplug might stop working because it has been wet or loosened.

So, remove them from the engine and wipe them with a clean cloth. Before doing that, make sure to remove the connection between the spark plug and battery to avoid eclectic shock. And put them into their socket and make sure they are tightly fit. If you are still confused, check the manual.

3. Clean The Air Filter

A clogged air filter can also prevent a craftsman lawnmower from starting. Now, remove the air filter from the lawnmower and unscrew it. If your lawnmower uses a paper filter, replace it with a new one. If your lawnmower uses an oil sponge filter, remove it and wash it thoroughly with clean water. Let it dry and put it back after applying some clean oil to it.

4. Check The Carburetor

how to start craftsman lawn mower

A defective carburetor is most probably the reason for your lawnmower not starting. The carburetor receives air from the air filter through the air duct and fuel from the fuel tank through the fuel line and makes a mixture of air and fuel and transfer it to the engine for combustion.

Try adding some carburetor cleaner to the carburetor. It will start most probably. If it doesn’t start even after cleaning the carburetor, you might want to repair it.

We have seen the most probable reasons for your craftsman lawnmower not working. If your craftsman has no malfunction and you are confused about how to start it, read below to find out.

You might want to open the fuel tank that will provide the necessary fuel to the carburetor. Then, turn on the throttle and keep it at its maximum. And press the prime button 3-4 times so that the fuel and air get pumped into the carburetor.

Ensure not to overuse the prime button which might cause your carburetor and engine to be flooded with fuel. So, don’t use them more than 3-4 times at a time. Then you have to turn on the throttle to a maximum or keep it at medium.

Now pull the power cord three to four times until the engine starts. If your lawnmower is in good condition, it will start almost instantly. Some may see that the lawnmower doesn’t start even after pulling the power cord multiple times.

It might be because the engine and the fuel are not warm enough for the combustion to occur. So you have to use the choke to warm up the engine a little bit. You may now easily start the engine with one or two strokes.

Modern lawnmowers have a self-start switch which eliminates the need to pull the power cord to start the engine. All you have to do is press the button after putting the throttle to maximum. If you are using an electric craftsman lawnmower, you have to connect the power cord to the live socket.

After you have started the lawnmower successfully, you have to push the lawnmower towards the area where you want to mow. There are also self-propelled lawnmowers that don’t need any manpower to push. It moves on its own but it needs a human to steer it in the right direction.