how to remove spark plug from lawn mower

How To Remove Spark Plug From Lawn Mower

A lawnmower has become a crucial appliance for people with a lawn. But these machines need proper periodic maintenance to keep them working in optimal condition. The spark plug is one of the components that can easily become defective. 

So, these spark plugs must be replaced with new ones periodically. If you have an old spark plug, there is a high chance of getting an engine malfunction. The spark plug ignites the mixture of fuel and air inside the combustion chamber sent by the carburetor. These spark plugs make hundreds of ignitions per minute to keep the engine running so you can mow your lawn. Due to their heavy work, they will soon become worn out. Making it vital to replace it with a new one. 

how to remove spark plug from lawn mower

As we have discussed before, spark plugs are one of the components in a lawnmower that gets worn out easily. So, it is better to maintain a periodic replacement of your spark plug to keep the lawnmower in a good shape. 

Now we are going to see how to remove spark plug from lawn mower easily without any complex procedures. 

Step 1:

We have to first check whether the problem is with the spark plug. So, try and run the engine for a few minutes. If it is having trouble to start and you can hear the engine noise fading away, it might be because of a worn-out spark plug. If you see smoke coming from the engine, it is not associated with a defect in a spark plug. 

Then, make sure to remove the battery. This battery conducts the electricity to the spark plug which will be then converted into a spark for ignition. If you are going to work with a battery on, there is a high chance of you receiving an electric shock. So, please ensure to remove one of the connecting wires to the battery

Step 2:

Now, we have to detach the spark plug from the spark plug socket or ignition cable. Some mowers have their ignition cable and spark plug covered by a casing. So, we have to remove the casing with a screwdriver. If you can see the spark plug socket, you can try to pull it out. It will come out. 

Then you have to check if there are some issues with the cable. The cable can become defective too. So, check for any leaks and cuts. If possible, try to change the spark plug too. 

how to remove spark plug from lawn mower

Step 3:

After removing the ignition cable, you can see the spark plug attached to the inner parts of the engine. Rotate the plug anti-clockwise to remove it. Don’t force yourself to open it if you find it is hard. Add a little engine oil or lubricant and then try to remove it. 

Step 4:

Now, observe the spark plug for any build-ups. Most of the time, the residues from the engine get build-up on the head of the spark plug. This will reduce its efficiency to create the ignitions required resulting in poor performance. 

If you find any residues, you can use a spark plug spray cleaner and clean it. Wipe it off with a clean cloth and put it back in and try running it again. 

But if you see any damage or no damage at all, it is time to replace your spark plug replaced. You have to replace the spark plug even if you observe no damage because most of the time the problem occurs on the inside rather than outside. So, if there are no build-ups on the spark plug and it still underperforms, replace it without second thoughts.