how to dispose of lawn mower

How To Dispose Of Lawn Mower

Your lawnmower has become old and can’t mow your lawn efficiently as it did before. So, you would want to dispose of them and buy a new lawnmower. Or you are just ready to buy a new model lawnmower.

You can also want to dispose of your lawnmower because you’re shifting to a new house. They are some common reasons for disposing of a lawnmower.

But how to dispose of lawn mower is entirely another question. You can’t throw your lawnmower onto a dump truck. Mostly, your city’s waste management wouldn’t allow you to dispose of your lawnmower on a dump truck. In the worst-case scenarios, you would be penalized for doing so.

Why You Can’t Just Throw Them Out?

how to dispose of lawn mower

This might be the first question that popped into your head while you were searching for any means to dispose of a lawnmower. You can dump them on a garbage truck. But why the governments and waste management don’t allow you to do that?

Lawnmowers are huge machines that would certainly damage the trashcans. Apart from that, they have harmful chemicals such as gasoline and engine oil that are toxic to the environment.

They also consume much space leaving no room for waste materials. They are only a few reasons to show that throwing the lawnmower in trashcans is a bad idea.

What Should We Do To Dispose of Them?

Before answering this question you should reconsider a few things first. Find out the reason for disposing of your lawnmower. If you are throwing it off for its malfunctioning, reconsider taking it to the mechanic shop to repair its worn-out parts. This will cut your bill in half if you were to buy a new lawnmower.

Because disposing of a lawnmower is quite a tedious process. So, ask yourself why you are throwing off the lawnmower and try to reconsider your choice. You can repair your old lawnmower and use it for some more period. If you have made your ultimate decision to dispose of them, we would like to show you how to do that.

When it comes to getting rid of a lawnmower, one thing to think about is your personal preference. This way, if you can’t commit to the amount of complexity your selected disposal option has, you won’t be stressed about it. Choose a method that will cause you the least amount of stress and that fits your money, energy, and time.

However, before you choose a disposal solution for your old mower, keep in mind that due to some environmental concerns, some states may have unique requirements for disposing of used mowers. You should call your local waste management company to inquire about disposal choices.

Also, you’ll be fined if you leave your damaged lawnmower on the roadside. Putting your defective mower on the street endangers the safety of other cars in your area.

If your lawnmower is powered by gasoline, you should first drain it before discarding it. Lawnmower disposal is problematic due to oil residues and hazardous gasoline. Keeping the oil produces a leak that could seep into trash disposal centers and affect the water systems.

You don’t want to pollute the environment with chemicals or toxins. Another option is to hire a professional to drain the oil rather than doing it yourself.

You can follow any of these steps to safely dispose of your lawnmower much efficiently.

Recycle Your Lawnmower

how to dispose of lawn mower

Recycling your damaged lawnmower is the best choice for environmentally conscious owners and those with a lot of free time. There are service providers who pick up and remove bulky objects for recycling. If you wish to recycle your defective mower, make sure you schedule a pick-up ahead of time.

If there isn’t a hauling company in your area, you can make the transfer by car. When you take your defective lawnmower to a recycling facility, be prepared to pay any fees or payments that may be required.

If it’s a gas-powered mower, you should first take it to a mechanic to drain any remaining oil or gasoline residue before recycling it.

Sell It For Scrap

If you want to make some money while getting rid of your damaged lawnmower, scrap metal is the way to go. You may disassemble the aluminum and steel decks and sell them for scrap.

If the engines are in good condition, you can make a good amount of money by selling them alone. Electric lawnmowers can have copper coiling which can be sold at a good price.

You can also sell the entire defective lawnmower for a much lower price if you are busy and don’t have the patience to disassemble them. However, you will only get paid for the aluminum deck only.

Where To Dump Them?

If you have no patience to do those two methods, you can certainly dump them in a recycling facility or house waste management center. Before recycling, gasoline or gas-powered lawnmowers must be emptied of any fuel or engine oil.

Before being recycled, push lawn mowers composed of metal components should be free of plastic parts. Electric lawnmowers, which are categorized as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), should be recycled with other electrical items at household waste recycling centers. But make sure not to dump them in a trashcan or roadside.


1.Can you put a push mower in a dumpster?

In some states, dumping your lawnmower in a dumpster is legal and is completely fine. But in some states, you may find yourself in the obligation of paying a penalty for doing the same. However, even if your states permitted you to put your mower in a trashcan, you are required to remove the fuel and oil from them.

2. What do you do with a broken lawnmower?

The first thing you can consider doing is recycling them which is both beneficial for you as well as the environment. You can also try to sell your lawnmower parts for scrap.