how much does a riding lawn mower weigh

How Much Does A Riding Lawn Mower Weigh

The lawnmower is a famous home appliance that plays a vital role in every house with a lawn. But riding lawnmowers always stay at the top because of their easy-to-use features. Lawn owners don’t have to worry about pushing their lawnmowers all day to mow their garden. With the riding lawnmower, they can simply sit and steer the machine to mow their lawn.

But have you ever wondered how much does a riding lawn mower weigh? Well, a typical riding lawnmower weighs around 400-500lbs. Approximately, each riding lawnmower weighs around 200 kg. But it is not a fixed weight for every lawnmower. Each lawnmower weighs differently depending on its components.

Plastic lawnmower

how much does a riding lawn mower weigh

For example, if your lawnmower’s body is made up of plastic, it will weigh much lesser than a lawnmower whose body is made up of steel. But lawnmower’s plastic body is not made to be durable. They can become incredibly brittle after a long period. Especially if you park them in sunlight after each use, their plastic body will start to shred after half a year.

So, you have to be careful when you are using a plastic lawnmower. But the good news with a plastic lawnmowers is that they consume lesser fuel than steel ones due to their lower body weight.

Steel bodies

But the mowers with steel bodies will consume a relatively much larger amount of fuel in the long run.

On the other hand, steel body lawnmowers are much more durable and can withstand any harsh temperature. But water is the main enemy of a mower with a steel body as it will make the body rustier. So, properly wipe off any water that is on the steel body to ensure the long-lasting life of the lawnmower.