edger vs string trimmer

Different Functions and Requirements of Edger vs String Trimmer

To keep a well-maintained lawn property one needs the tools that can do the required job. When thinking about maintaining a lawn only one piece of equipment comes to mind – a lawnmower. However, there are other types of equipment like edger vs string trimmer available that can provide the amazing look that you want for your lawn. All the major points related to Edger vs String Trimmer are tackled in this article. Both have specific functions that will help you maintain your lawn in the best possible way.

For trimming grass, you need to have a string trimmer and an edger. Both have the purpose of trimming grass for the awesome looking of your lawn. Even though both do the same job, these have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

Major Differences – Edger vs String Trimmer

Overall, these tools will work for the beautification of your lawn. But they have some specific purposes. In a nutshell, edgers are perfect to make smooth edges on the boundaries. Mainly string trimmers are used for removing unnecessary weeds or grass where it is difficult for the mower to reach.

The use of an edge will provide a smooth look, work with precision, and gives a perfect boundary look. It works to finer details around the edges. Thus the requirement for edger increases whenever you need to give a clear-cut and well-maintained look to the lawn.

edger vs string trimmer

Now, whenever you have a situation of unwanted grass on your beautiful lawn. To remove the ugly unevenness, you know which product is suitable for the required part of the work. To get an effortless, well-ordered you need to use a combination of both types of equipment.

Need for these tools

Often people make the mistake of assuming that they have similar functionality. But in reality, they have different purposes. On the one hand, Edger is required when you have a lot of trees on your lawn and you don’t harm them in any possible way. In this situation, edgers work like a polished machine and give the desired without damaging the trees.

On the other hand, the String trimmer is used for bigger properties as it provides overall performance and becomes quite useful for daily needs of lawn mowing. String trimmers are quite handy to use in comparison to the lawn mower and can reach areas where the lean mower cannot easily reach.

Excellent Supplement to Lawn Mower

These tools Edgar and String Trimmers are easy to handle and they are built for specific purposes. These tools are quite handy to use in comparison to the Lawn Mower. A lawn mower is bulky and requires a certain level of expertise to handle properly. And it is used only for the dense foliage, for the precision, you will require an edger or a string trimmer.

However, Edger and String Trimmers are usable as smooth as butter. And they provide the perfect combination with the use of Lawn Mower

String Trimmer is enough for basic needs

String trimmer has more benefits than the edger as it can be used to use to sharpen the edges to some extent but to get the smooth looks around the edges you need to have a lawn edger that will work with precision.

But many people don’t need to require such finer details that an edger provides for those people a string trimmer is enough for their mowing needs.

edger vs string trimmer

Primary work of Edger

Many times edger is preferred in the discussion between edger vs string trimmers. The main reason for this is that edger can provide a neat look around the edges and overall gives a sharp look to the lawn. This is the primary work of the edger.


1. What are the types of equipment required to maintain a beautiful lawn?

You need to have a great lawn mower for the overall maintenance of the lawn but to get to the finer nitty-gritty of the lawn you need to have other substitutes for lawn mowers such as edger and string trimmers which can go to areas where a simple lawn mower is not suitable.

The requirement of tools depends on the structure and layout of the lawn. If it is a big lawn and the owner wants to give it a stylish look then it will require all the mowing tools like a mower, string trimmer, and edger.

2. What is the main purpose of using String Trimmer?

The purpose or main benefit of a string trimmer is that it does not affect the trees while cutting or trimming the grass as it does not have blades. This serves a great purpose as you can freely trim grass around the trees without getting worried about trees getting cut.